Thursdays, Art Break (age 7-14) 9 weeks (in-studio)

Thursdays, 2-3:30pm
Fall: Sept 17-Nov 12
Instructor: Rachel Peltzman
Fee: $25/session

Want to give your artist a break from Zoom school? We have in-person art breaks every Thursday. Each meeting they will create using a different medium

Week 1: Make a sketchbook

Week 2: Watercolor Painting

Week 3: Acrylic Painting

Week 4: Non-conventional Painting

Week 5: Rock painting and worry dolls

Week 6: Cardboard Robots 

Week 7: Paper Mache

Week 8: 3D Art (clay and sculpture)

Week 9: Finish up projects (paint clay, 3D sculpture)

First two weeks are just $20 each

(Sign up for all 9 weeks and receive a $25 studio credit)

*In-person social distancing limited to 8 artists per session*

Each artist will receive:

  • Their own material kit
  • A designated personal work-space 
  • Washable Akron ArtWorks facemask

(See our Covid-19 health and safety procedures,

Fee: $25/session includes all instruction and materials


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