Art from Around the World (age 7-14) Oct. 30-Dec. 18 (no classes Nov. 27) (7 weeks)

Saturdays: 12-1pm
Fall: Oct. 30-Dec. 18 (no classes Nov. 27) (7 weeks)
Instructor: Mellissa Redman
Fee: $150

Delve deep into art from other cultures! Your artist will explore the world through the eyes of artists from different places and times. From Japan (Sumi-e painting), Africa (Masks), and South America (Guatemalan worry dolls), just to name a few! 

All materials are provided by the studio

This class can be taken either in-person or online, you choose

*In-person social distancing limited to 8 artists per session*

(See our Covid-19 health and safety procedures)

Each artist will receive:

  • Their own material kit
  • A designated personal work-space

Each Online artist will need:

  • Art Kit (provided by studio)  
  • Camera enabled device 
  • Access to

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