Make-up Adult Paintball (21+)

Adult: 21+
Date: Saturday, July 25, 7-8pm or Saturday August 1, 7-8pm
Instructor: Ashley Cottrill

We have been finally able to work out a plan for a make-up the Paintball event that was originally scheduled for March 28th.

Space is limited to 8 spots per date and it is first come, first serve.

Please NOTE -because there is no charge, it is important that you register yourself (as you had done before) so that we can confirm your past registration, for these new dates. If you register another way, we will not be able to confirm it.

NOTE: that because of the pandemic, we no longer can provide food or beverages, nor can we offer aprons. Masks are required and we do adhere strictly to social distancing guidelines. We ask that you dress accordingly and bear with us during this challenging period. We are excited to have you return to the studio for some fun but we do need to make sure that health and safety guidelines are followed!!

No charge


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