Copy of Spring Break Camp (virtual) age 6-15

Ages: 6-15
Date: April 13-17, 2020
Instructor: Micah Beree

Learn a different medium and artist every day. From Frida Kahlo to Jackson Pollock. 

A two-part video lesson each day, 1pm and 3pm. Each video lesson is 20 minutes. 

Art materials will be things you likely have at home and below we provide a detailed lists. Also, we have an art kit for sale if you need art stuff.

$20/art kit (includes): drawing pencils, color pencils, drawing paper, eraser, glue stick, white chalk, black paper, water color paint

If you need, we will pack up a kit for you to pick up at the studio on Saturday, April 11, between 11am-2pm. 


$50/full week

$12/single day



Drawing: How different materials make different lines

Keith Haring


Drawing: Self portrait

Frida Kahlo


Play with art: Blots, calligramme

Salvador Dali


 Collage: layers and meaning

Sonia Delaunay


Abstract: Reduce to shape and color

Jackson Pollock

Materials needed: 

Paper, pencils, markers, crayons, chalk, black paper, ink, colored pencils, scissors, glue, food coloring, eraser

Full week or single days