@HOME Summer Camp: Fantasy Art Camp, June 29-July 3

Ages: 7-14 
Date: June 29-July 3

Time: 9am and 11am or 1pm and 3pm
Instructor: Micah Beree

*Each camp will have two 20 minutes sessions were the students will receive instructions and begin work. Then they will log-off zoom and complete the project on their own. This camp is @HOME and art materials can be bought and picked up at the studio or you can purchase needed items*

Each artist will need:

  • Art materials 
  • Camera enabled device 
  • Access to zoom.com

Delve deep into fantasy worlds to inspire your creations! Explore the world of Fantasy through art. From magical wands, to dragons and potions, we will let our wildest imaginations drive us in drawing, painting sculpting and more!

Materials list can be found here: (list to come)

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