Art Camp: Ornaments (coasters) and cookie or latkah plate (Dec. 22) age 7-14

Dec. 22: Ornaments (coasters) and cookie or latkah plate

*Door open at 8:30am, activities start at 9am*

1/2 day: 9am-12pm

Full day 9am-4pm

Full day campers must bring their own lunch.

Instructor: Micah Beree

Today's theme is Holiday. Create ornaments from wood or coasters for drinks. Then its time for a cookie plate for Santa or a latkah serving plate ...!  

All materials are provided by the studio.

Mornings will consist of the main art activities, creating within the theme of the week. Instruction is by art educators assisted by studio staff.

Afternoons will consist of open and structured art activities with a variety of related projects, facilitated by studio staff.


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