Painting Extravaganza Summer camp (age 6-14) August 16-20

August 16-20

Instructor: Micah Beree

Join us for a Painting Extravaganza! From the conventional to the crazy we will explore all types of painting styles and techniques. Each day will be a new adventure, pushing our own limits, and learning from paint masters across time!

Mornings will consist of the main art activities, creating within the theme of the week. Instruction is by art educators assisted by studio staff.

Afternoons will consist of open and structured art activities with a variety of related projects, facilitated by studio staff.

*In-person social distancing limited to 12-18 artists per session per current guidelines*

(See our Covid-19 health and safety procedures)


1/2 day (9am-12pm) $175

Full/day (9am-3pm) $250

Extended Day (8am-5:30pm) $360

Camp session

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