Art from Around the World Summer camp (age 7-14) July 22-26

July 22-26

Instructor: Sara Vandygriff

Delve deep into art from other cultures! Your artist will explore the world through the eyes of artists from different places and times. From Japan (Sumi-e painting), Africa (Masks), and South America (Guatemalan worry dolls), just to name a few! 

Mornings will consist of the main art activities, creating within the theme of the week. Instruction is by art educators assisted by studio staff.

Afternoons will consist of open and structured art activities with a variety of related projects, facilitated by studio staff.

 Doors open at 8:30am


1/2 day (9am-12pm) $185

Full/day (9am-4pm) $295

*Must provide own snack(s) and lunch*